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Discuss W.E.B. Dubois theoretical contributions in the area of race, particularly the
concept of double consciousness.

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We see the world from where we stand; that’s one’s point of view. Everyone has different
viewpoints, based on their social, political, economic life, which influences their outlook. It sets
a person’s mood and shifts your thinking. The philosophy that describes this perspective is
known as the Standpoint Theory. The theory of standpoint was a philosophy that stated that
information derived from social interaction. Sociological studies have found that scientific
theories have oppressed and discriminated against women and their way of reasoning. The
standpoint theory also clarified that empowerment should begin with the most oppressed groups,
and one of these groups are women. The relevance of classical sociological theory in references
to feminism or standpoint theory is that the world is made up of modern cultures that are the
transition from traditional culture. Through doing this, they meant that the new philosophies that
promoted empowerment were the result of the reversal of existing theories. William Du Bois
researched the impact of racism on blacks. According to him, discrimination has brought
inferiority to the blacks, which has contributed to a sense of the separation of one’s heritage. The
blacks perceived the world differently from the whites, and they believed that their experience
was fragmented and that aspects of their personality influenced their personality. Du Bois talked
of this in the sense of race relations in the United States. He believed that because American
blacks have existed in a traditionally repressed culture and devalued them, it has been difficult
for them to unite their black identity with their American identity. Double consciousness allows
blacks to be few in their particular viewpoint and consider themselves as being viewed by the
outside world. The thought that their identity was a dividend was what was referred to as double

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