Social Environment 

Applied Human Behavior in the Social Environment text to read the following:

  • Chapter 12, “Major Life Phases Influencing Human Behavior: Adolescence.”
    • In this chapter, you learn about adolescence as a critical and often difficult time when a person’s major tasks are to become intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and morally competent. In addition, adolescents need to develop critical life skills, such as communication, negotiation, cooperation, advocacy, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, impulse control, as well as management of feeling and stress.

Use the Capella library to read or view the following:

  • Brunck, B. (2014). Howard Gardner and Katie Davis: The app generation: How today’s youth navigate identity, intimacy, and imagination in a digital worldJournal of Youth & Adolescence, 43(8), 1404–1407.Based on the unit readings, imagine how working with the youth of today might be different from even one generation ago. Brunck (2014) makes the point that “the array of apps on a young person’s smartphone or tablet is his or her identity.” The film Generation Like shares how social media is impacting identity development as never before. For this discussion, address the following:
  • Describe how social work with adolescents may be now and in the future. Reference any of your readings or viewings to make your points.
  • Describe how you might engage with an adolescent today. What will engagement look like? Will you communicate via texting, e-mails, Twitter, or Facebook? How might you assess the influence technology has on the presenting problem that has brought the adolescent to you?

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