Social Problem

Introduction to Sociology: Race, Class, & Gender

Final Assignment (75 Points)


The final assignment for this course will combine the skills you have been practicing throughout the course. The skills you will be using include:

· Identifying and discussing a social problem

· Using theory to explain a social problem

· Relating the social problem to race, gender, social class, sexuality, and/or disability

· Identifying and using scholarly sources


Please choose one social problem to research for the final. You can choose any social problem except the school-to-prison pipeline, gentrification, the pay gap, and environmental racism due to already researching these topics in your group assignments. The social problem you choose to research should be specific (i.e. racism, classism, or sexism are too broad).


What You Will Turn In:


Write a 3-5 page paper on a social problem. You are required to use a minimum of 5 scholarly sources and required to cite the textbook (not included in source minimum). For your paper complete the following:

· Explain the social problem

· Explain 2 factors that contribute to the social problem

· Explain how this social problem impacts people by a minimum of 2 of the following demographics:

· Race

· Gender

· Social Class

· Sexuality

· Disability

· Use 1 sociological theory discussed in the textbook to explain the social problem



You are required to use correct APA, ASA, or MLA format for your paper. This includes:

· Correct in-text citations

· Works Cited Page

· You are required to use a minimum of 5 scholarly sources

· You are required to use and cite the textbook, which does not count toward the source minimum

· Cover and works cited pages do not count toward the page requirements

· Clear introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion




· Refer to the “How to Avoid Plagiarism” folder located under the “Syllabus & Course Resources” on Blackboard

· What is a Scholarly Source

· Determine if a Source is Scholarly

· APA Format

· ASA Format

· MLA Format

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