social welfare policy

Discussion 1


What is social welfare policy? Why should we study it? What is the relationship between social welfare policy and the provision of social welfare services? Discuss how values and beliefs guide policy and influence the U.S. social welfare system. Discuss some of the values and beliefs that resonated with you. 200 words


Reply 1

“Social welfare policy may be defined as government’s response to human needs such as food, housing, healthcare, employment, and other necessities.” (DiNitto & Johnson, ) Social welfare policies seek to meet the deficiencies of the public at large. They serve to make the differences when individuals or groups cannot make certain ends meet. It is imperative that we study social welfare policy so that we can learn from past errors in policy, in order to be better prepared for future needs. The errors of the past can serve as a roadmap to success in the future. It is also important for us to realize that we are all participants in the social welfare system. Whether knowingly or unknowingly. We are givers or receivers. Or both in some cases. As such, we must be knowledgeable of the systems and policies in place. Social welfare policies and the provisions given to social welfare services are directly linked to the beliefs and values of policymakers. If a certain need is not resonant with a person in charge of giving necessary provision, then that need may not be met. It is as simple as that. Some policies fail to reach the intended audience because the people in power do not understand the need and therefore feel it an unnecessary expense, when it in fact may be a wholly beneficial policy. Policymakers must intentionally put themselves in other people’s shoes to realize what needs should be provided for. For me personally, religious values, as well as my personal experiences as a black man in America, are what resonate with me when it comes to welfare policy. These shape my views on what policies are important to me and what policies are not.




Highways, public schools, and, companies that handle taxes are all part of social welfare policies. Social welfare makes sure that society seeks harmony and balance, in order to create a good and well-being environment for everyone no matter what race, gender, religion, physical and mental abilities, age, and so on. “Social welfare policy is the collective response to social problems” (Segal, 2016), where everyone in society is included and encountered for. When we learn more about social welfare systems- we get more powerful because we gain knowledge which leads us to be more capable to question social welfare systems in order to improve them and make them more beneficial for people in society. The relationship between social welfare policy and the provision of social welfare services is mutual, by simply being a citizen you have to participate in social welfare. The law requires taxes, which automatically put you in the social welfare system. According to Segal “values and beliefs join together when people feel that something is worth an investment or commitment of money, time, or public awareness”, which naturally shift from time to time. Back in the days, slavery was considered social order that was acceptable, and later there was “conflicting values and beliefs fueled dissent over racial issues” (Segal, 2016).  I think it´s good that social welfare is supposed to be a “safety-net” for everyone, however, this is easier said than done. The values and beliefs that really resonate with me is free medical care for all who needs it, like the health systems you see in Norway and Sweeden and so on

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