SPOON RIVER analysis homework

    December 4, 2022

I hope that you watched the 2 links assigned, analyzing the productions in the category that you were assigned. 

In at least 2 paragraphs, please explain what you saw in each production. In a 3rd paragraph, I want you to explain what YOU would do (in your assigned area) while producing this play, whether it is copying something done in either production or something original from your imagination. (Initial entries of 3 paragraphs should add up to at least 500 words.)

After you have submitted your own entry, then read over your classmates’ entries and interact with them, seeing where you match or differ. (2 different “replies” should be 100 words each.)

I will read all of your entries and take those into account when producing our version of SPOON RIVER, keeping in mind our techical limitations and our budget. 


  • Inital entry: Should have clear analysis of what you saw. Should have a clear paragraph of production suggestions.
  • Replies: Make sure there are 2. Make sure that they are at least 100 words each. 
  • Make sure you have submitted EVERY PART before November 9th at 11:59 p.m. 

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