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SRM 320 Week 3 Discussion1

As a business manager of a sports program, what aspects of fiscal management would involve you & the management of that sports program? Be sure to define the level in the program you choose for context. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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Our text states it best when it says “Finances are the engine that drives the total management process of any organization.” “It takes money to make money”, is a saying that I live by. When it comes down to fiscal management I want to be the person in charge. My goal in life is to coach high school baseball, so I will speak from that perspective. I played high school baseball in the Los Angeles Unified School District system & recall the baseball budget was$500 for both the JV & Varsity squads. Each year as a player we were required to pay $100 at the start of the season for our practice/game pack which included jerseys, pants, hats, & cleats. A$500 budget probably is enough money just for game balls for the entire season, needless to say as a team we became salvage experts. As a team we were required to fund raise for the rest of the money that was required to operate. As a manager I like this tactic because it allows the team to take responsibility for the sport that they are passionate about, it also allows the team to bond &

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