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SRM320 Week 3 Discussion 1

As a business manager of a sports program, what aspects of fiscal management would involve you and the management of that sports program? Be sure to define the level in the program you choose for context.

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In the text we read that finances is the biggest contributor in an organization’s management process. With an organization I would want to hold the position in fiscal management, to make the decisions. I have had desires to be a high school basketball coach since I was not gifted enough to play the sport I love professionally. For this particular situation I would play the role as the head of the Athletic Department for a 1A.For those of you that don’t know the classification a 1A school in Texas is a smaller scaled school that typical has multiple grade levels from K-12thgrade.Sports at these schools are limited usually based on the area and number of students. The particular school I am referring to has basketball, baseball, track and volleyball.

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