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Suggestions for balancing ECC courses

What are some of your suggestions for balancing ECC courses, considering the full academic schedule that many students have?

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One problem that was mentioned in the article from the PowerPoint was that some teachers do not provide students with adequate instructions. Thus teachers need to become better prepared in implementing the ECC, and professionals are needed for teaching the ECC in a proper way. Since the ECC is composed of nine different areas, it can be hard for the student with visual impairment to participate in all nine courses. In the paper, “A High School Scheduling Approach”, I really like the way that the teacher incorporated the ECC into the students’ curriculum. The teacher builds a 4-week long core session into the usual high school schedule. If these sessions are prior to the beginning of the regular school year, the students with VI can actually use the materials that they learn in these courses and apply them during their studies. I also agree with the suggestion of giving enough time to the student with visual impairment to absorb the skills and then to apply them in a core curriculum course.

This way, they don’t feel like they need to learn something on top of everything else and the core courses. Instead, the students learn to use what they are taught in the ECC courses during their every day life at school, which should become easier after going through the ECC courses. For example, for the Compensatory Skills, the student can learn Braille or print reading and writing, and then apply these techniques while in a core course. The teacher can devote a couple of class sessions into teaching braille to everyone else too, so that everyone gets the sense of how braille works, and why it might be slower at times. Providing this understanding to everyone in the class could make the student feel more comfortable. Further, students can be taught how to orient themselves and then move (mobility) through this knowledge, and this can be further practiced in PE or classroom settings (group activities or team sports). Social interaction skills are one that can be learnt, and then practiced all of

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