SWOT Analysis Worksheet

To evaluate a health care organization from a market-based perspective, you need information. Seeing how your organization is situated in the market takes analyzing it from the inside out, considering both positive and negative factors. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your skill in strategic planning as you evaluate a health care organization from a market-based perspective and use that evaluation to create a SWOT analysis.

Assignment Preparation

Review the SWOT Analysis Overview before completing this assignment for an overview of what is included in a SWOT analysis.

Review the Stevens District Hospital Strategic-Planning Scenario.

Refer to the SWOT resources from the University Library that provide SWOT reports for select companies that may help you with your analyses. Not all companies will have a report. Because the reports are a compilation of an analyst’s opinion, factor your own analysis into with other information you find.

Assignment Directions

Complete the SWOT Analysis Worksheet.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis that incorporates the key components of your SWOT analysis for Stevens District Hospital. In your analysis:

  • Analyze the purpose of conducting the SWOT analysis in the context of the scenario.
  • Analyze the limitations and advantages of conducting a SWOT analysis individually rather than with a group of stakeholders.
  • Justify your selection of 2 factors from each of the categories in your SWOT Analysis Worksheet that you think will be most important to the strategic plan and strategic goals you’re developing for Stevens District Hospital. Consider how you can leverage strengths and opportunities to minimize threats and improve weaknesses.

Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment.

Format your analysis, citations, and references according to APA guidelines.

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