Textbook (zunker 2016),

    October 7, 2022

This assignment will use data from a career assessment given by myself (referred to in the first person or as “the Candidate”, do not use ‘counselor’!) to an adolescent(referred to as “adolescent” or “student”) within a school counseling environment. The results of this assessment, the iStartStrong assessment, are attached. They are the result of a real 16-year-old student’s responses. The goal of this assignment is to reflect on one’s performance as a counseling candidate after learning about Career Counseling (course textbook attached), administering this iStartStrong assessment to an adolescent, and, most importantly, presenting the adolescent with the results and going over them together in an appropriate way that demonstrates one’s competency as a future career counselor. “Competency” is defined by a list of 5 competencies and sub-competencies that I have attached as a list. The Textbook (Zunker 2016) is attached. PLEASE CITE THE ATTACHED TEXTBOOK as a reference THROUGHOUT THE ESSAY – relevant information will be found mostly in Chapters 15 and 16. Cite three additional peer-reviewed sources in addition to the textbook. Exact instructions and an outline of EXACTLY how the essay should be written is attached. All in all, the following resources are attached: iStartStrong assessment (results of a student’s career inventory/interests test),
Textbook (Zunker 2016),
Detailed instructions (with list of competencies/sub-competencies) Essay outline
Thank you so much.

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