The entire school was successfully evacuated, but some students and staff were treated for smoke inhalation.

    October 7, 2022

Read the following scenario and then choose situation A or B and answer the following question: Which of the following 5 Therapeutic Interventions would you choose and why? Ecological Systems Theory
Strengths and Diversity Perspective
Psychodynamic Theory
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Crisis Theory and Crisis Intervention
Last week a fire broke out in the Shady Grove Elementary School. The entire school was successfully evacuated, but some students and staff were treated for smoke inhalation. Although all students and staff were saved from the fire, there was not enough time to remove all of the classroom animals and reptiles. Several animals and reptiles were saved, but there were a number of turtles, birds, guinea pigs, rats, and a tarantula that died in the fire. This occurred mostly in the kindergarten and first-grade classes where teachers were concerned with ushering small, frightened children out of the burning building as quickly as possible.
You are the school social worker and you have been circulating among the students and staff to evaluate how everyone is managing in this crisis. You have come across a number of situations that you are very concerned about.
Situation A
Erin is one of the first-grade teachers. This is her first year of teaching. In the midst of the evacuation, Erin was so concerned about getting the young children to safety that she totally forgot about the numerous animals and reptiles in her classroom. The students were very attached to the animals as they all took turns caring for them and interacting with them. Erin feels horrible. She feels that she failed her students and has expressed tremendous guilt about leaving the animals behind. The worst part of this is that she did not even think of the animals until it was too late. She was so distressed that she was not able to maintain her composure and became hysterical in front of the children. This in turn caused a chain reaction of hysteria among Erin’s students. You remember that Erin once confided in you that she lost her home in a fire when she was a child. Discuss the appropriate Therapeutic Interventions. Situation B
It is 4 weeks after the school fire and most of the teachers and students have resumed their regular routines. There are a number of children who have had very poor attendance since the fire. You make a home visit to one of the families. Jenna is in one of the first-grade classes. Jenna’s parents are both at home as they are unemployed. Jenna’s attendance since the fire has been extremely poor, but Jenna’s attendance record has always been a problem. Jenna states that she does not want to go to school as she is afraid of another fire. Jenna’s parents state that they are having trouble getting Jenna to school. The family stays up very late and then cannot get up in the morning to help Jenna get ready for school. The home is extremely chaotic. The parents are jittery and nervous and treat you with a great deal of suspicion.

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