The Final Frontier

    November 2, 2022

  1. Question 1: A clock tower is 15 feet tall. How long is its shadow when the sun is at an altitude (angle above the horizon) of 60 degrees? Give your answer in feet.
  2. Question 2: Due to continental drift, Africa and South America are moving away from each other at a rate of 4 centimeters per year. The two coasts are currently separated by 5,000 km. Assuming this drift rate is constant, how long ago were the coasts touching? Give your answer in millions of years.
  3. Question 3: When new, a standard tire has 10/32 inches of tread. When only 2/32 inches of tread remains, the tire needs to be replaced. If this occurs after 40,000 miles, what thickness of tire rubber is lost every 1,000 miles driven? Give your answer in fractions of an inch.
  4. Question 4: When Jupiter is at a distance of 630 million kilometers from Earth (4.2 astronomical units), it has an apparent angular diameter of 46 arcseconds (46/3600 of a degree). Calculate Jupiter’s diameter in kilometers, and state how la – I r•Pir thi i hnn _A

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