The Last Supper Art Appreciation.

    September 17, 2022

Religious subject matter dominated the Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque periods. As a result, many of the masters painted their interpretations of the Last Supper, a sacred event in Christianity. In this discussion thread, discuss the usage of the visual elements and principles of design each artist used to convey their message. Compare and contrast each these works by answering the following questions in paragraph format. A minimum of 250 words is required. 1. Explain the use of linear perspective in each painting.2. Where is the vanishing point? The focal point? 3. Explain the use of implied lines in each painting. 4. Explain the division created by the table in each painting. 5. Explain the use of movement in each painting.6. Describe the use of light and dark contrast. 7. Describe color relationships in each painting. 8. Which painting is more complicated in its composition? Explain. 9. After reviewing questions 1-8, which painting is a more classic statement of the event and why?10. Which painting conveys a stronger sense of emotion and why?  <

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