The person who is listening in to help settler the dispute

    November 2, 2022

ACROSS 3. The person who is listening in to help settler the dispute. 4. Agreement made before hand typically between unions and workers to use arbitration. 5. The process by which people involved in a dispute discuss their problem and try to reach a solution. 7. These are people who have the power to investigate complaints and help parties reach some agreement. 10. When both parties in a dispute agree to have one or more persons listen in to their arguments and make a decision. DOWN 1. The people who are each side of the argument. 2. This agency settles disputes between merchants and consumers. 6. This takes place when a third person helps the disputing parties talk about their problem and settle their differences. 8. An agreement that is made in regard to outcome of a case. 9. When arbitration fails it results in this next step.

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