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the purpose of this assignment is to 1, substantiate the importance of interprofessional collaboration within healthcare.

NursingThe instructions are below.The title of this project should be professional; the title should not be Interprofessional Collaboration Project. It should reflect the topicof the paper and not the topic of the assignment.interprofessional collaboration project.interprofessional collaboration has been identified as essential to the delivery of safe, effective and patient-centered health care(baker etal,2008). as healthcare organizations utilize more collaborative education to help support this collaboration within practice upon graduation(Baker et al, 2008).the purpose of this assignment is to1, substantiate the importance of interprofessional collaboration within healthcare.2, Emphasize the impact interprofessional collaboration can have upon safe, effective, patient centered care3, enable you an opportunity to create a project that involves interprofessional collaboration which you can use to help support optimal care ofpatients at your place of employment.**** before beginning this assignment read the articles for background and reference.a. Rose,L (2011). interprofessional collaboration in the ICU: how to define? Nursing in critical care,16(1),5-10.b, Rice, K, Zwarenstein,M., conn.L.,Kenaszchuk,c,., Russell,A.,

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