The writing style is eloquent and professional, and in your own words

    October 7, 2022

this one i will pay 20 for not 15 its final proproject need to taken care of Choose a day when it’s convenient for you to track your nutritional intake for the entire day. Write up everything you ate and drank for each meal, including snacks and drinks in between meal times in an organized manner. Be sure to include the time for each meal or snack Include the ingredient list and nutritional content (CALORIES, TOTAL FAT, SATURATED FAT, PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES, SUGAR, FIBER) for each meal. If you ate a home cooked item such as spaghetti, make sure to include all ingredients and individualized nutritional content for all ingredients. Also include daily totals for water intake, calories, total grams of sugar and fiber, as well as total protein, fat, and carbohydrates. For each meal item, describe the best and worst quality of that item. For example, if you had bacon for breakfast the best quality could be that it is a good source of protein, and the worst quality is that the saturated fat is not healthy for our arteries. Give your meal plan an overall grade (Excellent, Good, Average, Needs Improvement) with explanation and answer the following questions: How balanced is your meal plan, did you meet or go over your recommended calories or recommended daily allowances for certain nutrients, are you deficient in anything, did you drink enough water? Consider adding anything else you think would be informative or helpful. The format of this project is kept OPEN. This means that you can choose how you want to present the information that is required. You can type it up in a word document, you can make a PowerPoint, a video presentation etc. As long as you include all the required information above, I am happy to receive your project in whatever form suits your creativity the best. If you are unsure if what you have in mind would be appropriate, then please ask me before you get started. When choosing how to present your information, keep in mind that there are some points that will judge organization of your project. Make sure the information is presented in a clear and concise manner, with a format that is well organized and easy to follow. Consider titles and subtitles, tables, graphs, charts, etc. 1. Content (100 points) a. Your project includes everything that is listed above 2. Format and Organization (60 points) a. Your project is creative and organized in a manner that is easy to follow and find information 3. Grammar, Spelling and Style (40 points) a. Your project has correct grammar and no spelling mistakes. The writing style is eloquent and professional, and in your own words

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