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Theoretical Foundation Week Five

Some neighborhoods have higher crimes rates than others and some communities that consistently generate high crime rates than others as well. Social disorganized theory has emerged as the critical framework for understanding the relationship between community characteristics and crimes in urban areas.

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Hello, Henry. Thank you for an excellent post this week and allowing me to respond. In response to Shaw and McKay’s social disorganization theory and your view, I would like to expound on such findings. When I used to work for adult probation, which is considered correctional rehabilitation. The offender population were drug users and alcoholics who struggled with addiction and were involved in criminal activities associated with their addiction. The program consisted of 12 months of therapeutic rehabilitation with the hopes of making these offenders law-abiding citizens. If not, a prison sentence was soon to follow.

In the midst of treatment, as they progressed in level advancement, a day furlough was granted based on good standings. One of my duties was a transportation driver, and when taking the offenders home, the location of drop off consisted of poor and crime infested areas of town. It was very seldom that I dropped off an offender in an upper or middle-class part of town. This type of observation is in accordance to Shaw and McKay’s social disorganization theory, that suggests that criminal behavior should be based on the neighborhood of a city, not that of an individual (Cullen, Agnew, and Wilcox, 2018).

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