This discussion is worth 6 points.

    October 7, 2022

Question 1: What external factors, factors beyond the organizations control, can affect forecasting? Provide one example of an external factor in your local area that could impact a healthcare managers forecasting. One-half page minimum content required. Weekly Assignments are due no later than Sunday 11:30p.m. (separate paper ) Question 2 : Review case 8.2 on pages 131-132 of your textbook. Do you favor a tax on sweetened drinks? Why or why not? In your opinion how could our healthcare system reduce overall sugar consumption? Make sure you follow the Discussion Board Guidelines and be sure to respond to two of your peers posts. Weekly Discussions are due no later than Sunday 11:30p.m. (Separate Paper) ( Book for above questions ) LEE, ROBERT H. (2019) ECONOMICS FOR HEALTHCARE
Question1 : List and discuss the three general types of long-term care services. Give examples of each type. This posting is worth 12 points. (Separate paper)
Question2 : Do you believe that all elderly persons need to be living in some type of long-term care community or facility? Post your answer in this discussion box and react to the postings of two other classmates. This discussion is worth 6 points. (Separate paper )
(Book for above Questions ) Niles, Nancy J. (2021) Basics of the US Health Care System,4th ed.. Sudbury, MA: Jones

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