This is the absolute deadline for the submission of discussion responses.

    October 7, 2022

Discussion Question: Discuss the importance of sociological knowledge and sociological research in the world you live today. Provide examples of EIGHT new concepts/theories/new knowledge you have gained by taking this class in SOCI 210 (please number your points in the discussion and explain each new learning/theory/concepts you have absorbed from this class in small paragraphs. Exercise critical thinking as you discuss these new knowledge you gained from this class in SOCI 210).
This discussion assignment is worth 30 points. It will be sufficient to respond to the discussion question above in 8 short paragraphs (approximately 600 words) like I explained in class yesterday. Keep your discussion response organized and clear. Please make use of paragraphs and DO NOT lump together all the content of this discussion in one paragraph – you will lose a lot of points for doing this. Also, it should be a full length discussion and not a short answer. Use explanations in your discussion.
You can use the textbook and any additional external material to answer the discussion questions in this area. Please mention your research sources in APA style at the end of your discussion in a bibliography section. Do not attach documents with discussion responses; simply post your discussion response under the respective topic (Last Discussion For SOCI 210 – 8-weeks Class – Due Sept 28, 6PM EST) for discussion.
The deadline for posting the discussion response is September 28, 6PM EST. This is the absolute deadline for the submission of discussion responses. Please refer to my policy for making exceptions on any late submissions of exams, assignment or discussions on the syllabus. Make sure you think through the discussion topics, read and reflect and express your ideas clearly.

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