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Topic 4 issue in adolescence

DQ 1: A healthy body image is a critical issue in adolescence. Obesity, anorexia, and bulimia are severe threats to an adolescent’s well-being. What physical and psychological factors play a role in succumbing to these threats? What preventative measures can betaken? Support your response with research.

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Adolescent’s can have a difficult time discerning and discriminating reality from illusion on media platforms (Morris, 2005) which include television shows, movies, social media apps, and advertising. The uptake of social media and the unrealistic portrayal of women, the importance of a healthy body image can be distorted causing girls to begin food intake restriction at younger and younger ages so they can look like what they are seeing in the media. Boys are affected by the media in much the same way. Boys suffer disappointment, even depression when they can’t easily build the perfect masculine body. Both boys and girls can turn to anorexia and bulimia to become what they see. Hereditary, access to exercise programs, healthy food, and proper sleep

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