Torts that may have been committed and the potential plaintiff and defendant.

    November 2, 2022

 Read the scenario. Then, list all the torts that may have been committed and the potential plaintiff and defendant. Save this in a word document and attach below.A Truly Scary HalloweenCarolyn needs a costume for Halloween, so she stops at Wal-Mart. While walking through the aisles, she slips on a clear substance and falls to the ground, breaking her ankle. She calls her husband, Manuel, to take her to the hospital. As Manny drives to Wal-Mart, he accidentally rear-ends another vehicle, driven by Melissa. Alonzo is also at Wal-Mart. He needs Halloween Candy. He purchases a bag of Yummy Yums, after noting that the language on the candy bag states that it is safe for those with peanut allergies. On the way home, Alonzo, who is allergic to peanuts, eats some Yummy Yums. By the time he reaches his house, he is having a severe allergic reaction and must be taken to the hospital. It turns our that the Yummy Yums do have peanut products in them. David is hosting a Halloween party at his home. During the party, his pet cat, Sweetie Pie, leaps onto to the buffet table and begins eating the food. Scott, a guest at the party, tries to shoo the cat off, but Sweetie Pie attacks the guest, biting his hand and arm. This was not Sweetie Pie’s first attack, as David had seen him bite several other people in the last few months.David’s neighbor, Rebecca, did not like David and was annoyed by the noise caused by his party. She watched for David to go to his shed, where he kept party supplies. When he was in the shed, she shot the door and padlocked it so David could not escape. Satisfied, she went home to watch scary movies.The guests at the party get restless waiting for David to return with more food and drinks. Victor gets into a verbal altercation with Jackson, accusing him of flirting with his date. Victor punches Jackson in the face once, and when going for a second punch, misses Jackson, but strikes his date, Lilliana.

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