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Summary on Tim Wise -The Pathology of Privilege

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In the informative Lecture, The Pathology of Privilege, Tim Wise passionately addresses white privilege, racism, the numerous injustices people of color face in the United States, and how racism affects society. He starts the lecture by asking the audience to think when you are listening to a declared expert, why are you listening to them and not someone else. He directs the questions towards himself. He says that he is not lecturing on racism because he is an expert, but because he feels like it was a matter of responsibility. Then he talks about how politicians failed to mention racism, racial discrimination, and white privilegde play a role in health care ,housing, and schooling.

They don’t mention pressing issues like how in 2006 gained the highest number of race based housing discrimination complaints in history or how according to the American journal of Public Health (2004), the mortality rate between 1991-2000 for black people was 1 million; their deaths mainly due to their blackness and the fact that black people have bad health care quality and that they are exposed to more pollutants than a normal white neighborhood. Additionally, he mentions the gruesome death of James Bird and how victims of hate crimes are publicized , but that the death of one million people who died from systemic and institutionalized injustice goes notice because it is not shared to the public. Then he says that according to the Department of Justice in 2004, blacks and latinos males are more likely to be

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