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TQM Leaders (Week 3A)

TQM Leaders (graded)

How do leaders behave when they are implementing TQM? What expectations should they set? What kind of leaders do TQM leaders need to be?

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Total Quality Management is aimed at improving the efficiency of the business, by maximizing the profits and reducing the risk of losses by relating the every action of the organization to quality. The TQM ensures that the every employee works towards the continuous improvement and takes the necessary corrective measures wherever needed. TQM believes in the commitment of the workers and the organization towards its growth. The TQM has a unique approach to ensure total quality of the organization. The leaders must be oriented towards checking the quality and working on the improvement with great commitment. The TQM works on the four main principles like the plan, do, check, and act. If the organization when looking at each specific area, they have to check for quality and improvise. For instance, if the organization is working on the training and empowerment of the employees, then they should plan the process of training and after performing the training, they have evaluate and review to know the loopholes and the strength, then try to make the needed changes and again perform the training. Similarly, TQM is similar to a cycle which ensures continuous improvement.

Leaders first need to model the TQM philosophy, leadership by example is key at the individual, departmental and upper management levels. Leaders need to demonstrate their commitment to TQM, one way might be to solicit feed back from customers, both internal and external, and use this information for the constant improvement of products and services. Additionally leaders need to instill a sense of ownership with employees as it applies to production and problem solving. There is actually a very long list of things leaders should do and how they should act. Leaders need to provide a written set of expectations which reflect what will be expected under TQM, what will be envisioned or anticipated, not what they currently have. Only through a comprehensive set of written expectations will a company be able to achieve an environment of continuous improvement. Item headings might be Customer Delight, Work Environment, Resource Management, and Service/Product Quality Improvement. Beneath each of these would be examples of each, not necessarily rules.


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