· Plan a trip to a place in Canada you have never been. Do not use a pre-planned trip, a study abroad trip, a package trip, or a trip planned through one of your other classes. Plan your own, custom trip.

· Plan a two-weektrip. You can spend your entire two weeks in a single city or a few different places.

1. INTRODUCTION. Write an introductionof about one page, typed, double-spaced, in which you explain why you chose the places you did—why are these places important or interesting to you? Why do they appeal as travel destinations? NOTE: One page does not mean half a page. The Introduction does NOT include your itinerary.

2. TRAVEL MAP. Find a map online that shows the places you will visit on your trip. Clearly mark all the places you will visit on the map. If a place is so small it is not included on the map you find, find out where it is and mark its location based on the information you have found about your destinations.

3. ITINERARY. Determine how you will get to there(fly, drive, sail, etc.). Find actual times and priceson one of the many travel planning websites on the internet. For example: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) , to name but a few. Include a description of how you will travel around the country and where you will stay (hotels, B&Bs, hostels, couchsurfing, or wherever).

· Develop a detailed itinerary of your activities for the two weeks, including details about the places you’ll visit. You can do this by listing each day’s activities (days 1 through 14) in a bulleted list, by using a calendar, or however makes the most sense to you. It should not, however, be in narrative form in paragraphs. You do not need to list activities in minute-by-minute detail, but do list the activities and destinations you plan for each day of your trip.

Do not lump days together saying you will be shopping for three days, or hanging out on the beach for a week, or describe your travel as sightseeing. Describe what you will see as you go sightseeing, or where you will go to shop. Be specific, provide details.

I know some people like to travel without plans, but the purpose of this trip is for you to become familiar with a place/places and to find what is interesting to see there, so draw up an itinerary! Include the places and sites you’ll visit each day of your two week trip. If you have questions about how to construct an itinerary, check some of the travel websites you’ll find in abundance on the internet. Do not use one of them for your trip – make up your own trip the way you would want to do it.

1. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. Most countries require a passport for entry; some also require a tourist visa. Make a list of the travel documents you will need to acquire to travel to your chosen countries: (Links to an external site.) . If no documents are required, MAKE A NOTE OF THAT FACT BECAUSE YOU FOUND THAT INFORMATION ON THE STATE DEPARTMENT WEBSITE.

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