Travel Scenario worksheets

    September 17, 2022

Question DescriptionUse the following profiles to complete the travel scenarios on the 4 worksheets (each counts 80 points toward your grade).Match each client profile with one of the following areas:Europe, Africa/The Middle East, India/Southeast Asia or East Asia/The Pacific. Use each profile and each area only once.Develop an itinerary or choose a tour from a brochure (in print or online, if online give the web site ? if in print, send me the tour or at least the name of the brochure, the year and the page number-if you can scan it into an email, it would be helpful).All clients live in the D.C. area.For each profile identify which client(s)? profile you are using:Tell why you chose the particular destination (may be a city, a country or several cities/countries) for these clients.Give costs including air.Name of tour company and the particular tour you chose and why you chose this tour company and tour.Advise what month you recommend for the trip.Tell what benefits you would use to close the sale. Be sure to close the sale with features you turn into benefits for the particular clients purchasing the trip.Each of the above count 10 points on your worksheet (last 4 questions on each worksheet). You may use the gateway city airfare if one is not listed for D.C.For the air costs for this assignment add $150 more if the airfare is out of NYC and $300 more if it is out of a west coast city.(If you were really selling this to a client, you would check with the airline for the exact add on airfare cost from Washington, D.C.)HINT:Look over the profiles below and tentatively pair each one with either Europe, Africa/The Middle East, India/Southeast Asia or East Asia/The Pacific. Each may be used only once so it is important you think about budgets and distances for all at the beginning.A very active couple in their mid-fifties want to take a 3-4 week vacation.They like hiking, snorkeling and diving.Money is no problem.They want to fly business class (you will need to check with an airline for the costs ? you can do this on the Internet-give source) and stay in very nice hotels.They do not want a driving tour but would be willing to fly between cities or take a well paced tours.They would like to visit more than one country.A couple would like to send their daughter on a high school graduation trip.The trip should be 2-4 weeks and they would like to spend under $4000.She will be traveling with another young lady.She plans to major in art and the other one plans to major in religion in college.A single guy in his late twenties wants to take an adventure trip.He is active, athletic and loves the outdoors.He can take 2-4 weeks off from work.He went to an all inclusive resort last year but did not enjoy it ? thought it was boring.His budget is $5,000 ? $6,000 and he doesn?t have a roommate.A well traveled couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary want to visit a destination which is very different from the U.S. for 3-4 weeks.They enjoy learning about different cultures, religions and experimenting with different foods.They are very active and healthy.They love walking.They would like to spend under $4500 a person but are willing to spend up to $11,000 total if they think the trip is worth the extra $2,000. <

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