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Poor dental hygiene in poor communities

April 25, 2022

Oceana County

Population 26,815 (Government – Oceana County Michigan, n.d.)

Located along the shoreline of Lake Michigan

Asparagus capital of the world, second largest fruit tree acreage in Michigan

Two million visits a year


Choosing Oral Health


While doing my window observation, seeing the number of Oceana residents with poor oral health made me want to learn more



Working in the Emergency room I hear many of patient’s stories about not being able to see a dentist for several months



Oceana County has one Dental office that excepts Medicaid and adjusts pricing on income







Oceana County availability of dental care


Poverty affects 13.3% of the county’s population (Government – Oceana County Michigan, n.d.)

23.6% of the population depends on Medicaid and 12.5% have Medicare (Data USA Oceana, n.d.)

Dental services are not always included with health insurance, 55% of Michiganders do not have dental insurance (Michigan Oral Health Coalition, n.d.)












Trinity Health




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