Two Societies at War, 1861–1865

    May 19, 2020

Anwser questions 8-10 sentence, excpt last two 10-15 sentences

NEED to be DONE by 23:00 (11:00) pacific time 

1.Based on the evidence presented in this chapter, did Lee’s surrender at Appomattox and Grant’s magnanimity to the defeated forces save the nation from a drawn-out guerrilla war, as some historians have argued? Or, as other scholars have suggested, did the events at Appomattox undermine black emancipation by giving a high priority to the reconciliation of northern and southern whites?

2.In 1860, the institution of slavery was firmly entrenched in the United States; by 1865, it was dead. How did this happen? How and why did Union policy toward slavery and enslaved people change over the course of the war?

3.THEMATIC UNDERSTANDING The thematic timeline for Part 5 lists six events or developments in the 1860s relating directly to the South’s secession and the Civil War. Does that list capture the war’s overwhelming importance to the history of nineteenth-century America? If not, is this deficiency inherent to timelines, or does it reflect a faulty construction of this specific timeline? How would you address this problem?

thematic timeline:

4.ACROSS TIME AND PLACE After reviewing the compromises over slavery at theConstitutional Convention, in the Missouri Compromise, and in the Compromise of 1850, write an essay analyzing why the opposing sides failed to compromise in 1861.

5.VISUAL EVIDENCE The photographs of the Southern Refugee Family and Grant Planning a Strategic Maneuver remind us of a world in which people, goods, and soldiers moved either on foot or on horses and mules. How did this limited mobility affect civilians — slave and free — and military forces during the Civil War?

6.KEY TURNING POINTS: The Emancipation Proclamations (1862/1863); Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg (1863); and Sherman’s taking of Atlanta (1864): historians have seen all of these events as important turning points. Assume that one of these events did not happen. What difference would it have made in the military and political struggle between the Union and the Confederacy?

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