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U6 – Class Discussion

Share with your peers what you consider to be a barrier that teachers tend to neglect when they make efforts to support student learning. What’s forgotten? You might think about issues of race, poverty, gender, emotional/cognitive/physical challenges, etc. As you construct your post, speculate as to why teachers might overlook this specific barrier. Is the oversight a failure of teacher pedagogy, lack of classroom support, antiquated school policy, or some other reason?

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A brief analysis on the different barriers certain students may face
There are many reasons as to why children may face different barriers within schooling, some reasons may include their race, gender, and economic status whereas other reasons can include the type of school they attend, teachers, and their social status.
Race & Gender
Gender in education has been a widely debated topic, there are many disparities between males and females and how their education is impacted by their gender. Previously females were discouraged from taking “male” subjects such as math’s, and science, resulting in a much lower percentage of females taking those subjects. Historically education has prepared females for woman and wifehood and females were engaged in more domestic subjects such as textile technology, art and design. “In general, teachers interact with boys more often than with girls by a margin of 10 to 30 percent, depending on the grade level of the students and the personality of the teacher.” (Measor & Sykes, 1992). This may or may not be intentional of the teacher but

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