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Unethical Police Conduct

Using 500-700 words discuss some of the peer-reviewed research findings pertaining to why individuals behave unethically. In doing so, discuss using critical thinking what the academic literature has to say and apply that information toward police officer unethical conduct. No direct quotes should be utilized in the response.

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There is a question that not only pertains to criminal justice but to everyday life, why do people tend to behave unethically? There are in my opinion and even research done that people behave unethically for a variety of reason. Cultural differences can play a major role in why certain individuals will behave unethically in some people’s opinions. They have a system of different beliefs and values and they can also a different level of standards in morality, which can lead them to a different thinking of what is right or wrong. One cultures action could be viewed as morally wrong while in the other culture it is viewed as morally right. An individual from another country for example, can do something you or I perceived to be unethical, but they were not aware because under what they were taught under their code of

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