Unit 7 Assignment: Argument Essay

Unit 7 Assignment: Argument Essay

In this argument essay, you will demonstrate your ability to create a logical and fair argument that answers ONE of the below questions:

· Should free speech be regulated on social media?

· Should health insurance be mandatory for all American citizens?

· Should Americans be required to complete some form of national service?

You will need to use three academic and reliable sources within your essay. Your essay should have a clear introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a references page.

Before you submit your essay, use the   Checklist for Revisions   Checklist for Revisions – Alternative Formats  to ensure you’ve completed all the steps in the revision process.

· See   Unit 7 Assignment – Complete Instructions and Grading Rubric   Unit 7 Assignment – Complete Instructions and Grading Rubric – Alternative Formats  for the detailed instructions and grading criteria.




Unit 7 Assignment: Leadership and You

Attached Files:

· File  Unit 7 Assignment – Complete Instructions and Grading Rubric  Unit 7 Assignment – Complete Instructions and Grading Rubric – Alternative Formats (90.286 KB)

In this assignment, we will explore two important topics – YOU and Leadership, then develop a PowerPoint related to your primary leadership style.  See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.

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