Unit Analysis #2

    February 22, 2023

Unit Analysis #2

(3 pages, double-spaced)
Due: Wednesday Feb 22nd (Week Five)

For this assignment, please answer one of the prompts below:
(1) How has cinema “conditioned” modern life? Which pre-cinematic cultural desires and goals
has the cinema responded to and satisfied in terms of knowledge, perception, and entertainment?
(Advice: for this question, you will want to review Pierre Levy on the key distinction between
technological “determination/determinism” and technological “conditioning”).
(2) How has cinema and its related industry adapted itself to “disruptive” new technologies and
media? How have technological “disruptions” influenced/shaped filmmaking and the popular
film experience?
3) In what ways has “astonishment” remained an important factor in moving image culture after
the early “nickelodeon era” explored by Tom Gunning in his article “The Incredulous

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