Very simple clear poster).

    October 7, 2022

You need to identify a health promotion need, not just a poster telling the reader what sexual health is. make the poster to be around the topic of 1 specific STI, and write on there what it is, how it’s transmitted, how it’s treated and info on how to access treatment. the essay should be based around youths and school age patients, so you could aim the suggested services to that group and then explain that in your intro? Add a short description in the first paragraph about what the health promotion resource is, who it’s aimed at and what you are trying to promote. Also add why. E.g. there’s something in the recent NICE guideline that says to promote the reduction in STI’s in young people, this poster will help that, proven by a study by ABCD that proves STI’s are increasing in said age group focus the essay on that rather than just discussing sexual health as a whole. E.g. when your discussing the motivational theory, you can break it down and explain the severity of the STI and go through them in terms of the specific STI, and then link back to how your poster has helped achieve that With the subheadings in the essay , try to analyse each point you make! For example, the need for sexual health promotion rather than just describing why it’s important, think about the barriers that HCPs may have to deal with. Is there a paper that discusses nurses own prejudices when caring for people with STI’s? Does their religion impact how they view youths accessing these services? Is there any barriers to young people accessing this information. I HOPE THAT MAKE SENSE AND PLEASE ALL RESOURSE HAS TO BE FROM THE UK 1500 WORD ESSAY AND A POSTER ( DOESENT HAVE TO BE 300 WORDS, JUST A. VERY SIMPLE CLEAR POSTER).

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