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W2 Discussion Question 1:

Compare and contrast different types of Steganography methods that are used for hiding confidential data.

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There different methods, and types of Steganography which are use for hiding confidential data, most people which are not knowledgeable in the subject, tend to believe that steganography can only be use in images, but the reality is that there are different types of steganography: steganography in images, audio, video, and documents.

1.Steganography in images, it is a digital image which covers objects through steganography such as PNG, JPG, and BMP; an image which contains different light intensities in different areas of the image. This type of steganography uses 8 bits, and24 bits per pixel image file to protect and hide confidential data. With 8bits image it gradually changes of colors (256 possible colors) would make it harder to detect after the image has been decoded with the secret message. “24bits image offer much more flexible when used for steganography, the large number of colors over 16 million can be used go well beyond the human visual system, which makes it much harder to detect once a secret message has been decoded” (UKEssay, 2015). This type of

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