W2D1 Holistic Health historical context

Describe briefly the historical context in which holism existed, the events that lead medicine to stray from holism, and why it is experiencing resurgence in popularity again.

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A great exemplar of the principles and ethical ideals of early Greek medicine came from a man named Hippocrates. He was born around 460 BCE (De Stefano, 2006). Many great philosopher’s and doctor were the brains behind the ideas that were used. Examples of these great thinkers are Pliny, Homer, Empedocles, Asklepios, Hippocrates, Papyrus Theophrastus, Aristotle, Pliny and many more. The origins of holism are dated back to Egypt. The thought of holism was that mind, body, spirit is part of a whole (Di Stefano, 2006). An example of this would be if someone has an aliment it streams from something being disrupted either in mind, body or spirit. This belief began to change over time and people started turning to biomechanical medicine for treatments. We are

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