W3: Interviews and Selection Process in the Workplace

    April 3, 2023

Discussion QuestionChoose one perspective in which to respond.

Non-HR Perspective: As the manager for your department, you have several vacancies you need to fill.  What steps would you take to fill these positions?  At what point do you consider involving your organization’s HR department? What do you believe should be HR’s responsibility in the process and why?

HR Perspective: A manager comes to you needing assistance to fill several vacancies in their department, what steps would you take and why. Would your approach differ depending upon the positions, e.g., clerical, assembly work, supervisor, etc. How involved should you be in making a selection? Please describe.

In developing your response, you want to consider some of the following elements: recruiting sources, selection methods, background checks, and other course concepts address up to this point.

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