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What were the key characteristics that OBL possessed that allowed him to have such influence upon the minds and actions of members of al Qaeda and its affiliates? Also, what were the ‘leadership secrets’ of OBL described in the required reading by Hoffman, and how did they help him lead the al Qaeda organization?

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The key characteristics that OBL possessed that allowed him to have a significant influence on members of al Qaeda was his ability to exploit Islamic fundamentalism to promote his ambition and to follow his dreams, goals, and desires by utilizing his ability to persuade others ultimately for his benefit (Diamond, 2011).People followed OBL because of his belief within himself and his attitude of being able to save his people from Western values. What also made OBL so influential was his ability to be focused on a particular set of goals, to have plans in place to complete various tasking associated with those goals, and his ability to see

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