W7: The Changing Role of Unions in the American Workplace

    April 3, 2023

Option 1:

Based upon your research into the field please discuss the changing role of unions in the American workplace. Discuss current events surrounding this issue and the role government should play in the process, if any. Do you believe the role of unions in the U.S. should increase? What role should HRM personnel play in employee relations within Organizations? 

Option 2: 

The US Department of Labor – through their Online Public Disclosure Room provides access to a large library of current and passed collective bargaining agreement.  Review the following collective bargaining agreement.  LU725 ACHRP CBA 2019-2022 CLEAN no cover_LU725 ACHRP CBA 020711.qxd (dol.gov)  If you were on the management team renegotiating the agreement – identify an item that would concern you and warrants renegotiation? Please explain. Is there anything missing that you would propose? Please explain. 

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