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Week 1 Discussion 3- Aiken Article

Read the Aiken et al. article located in Resources and Materials under Handouts. What are your feelings on the research findings? Do you agree or disagree with Aiken and her colleagues? Use the discussion forums rubric located in Resources and Materials under Handouts when completing this assignment.

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The article was very interesting and good to know. There were many points that I agreed with and some that I didn’t agree with. One of the points that I agreed with were the understaffing issues, as that is a big problem at times. Understaffing leads to nurses having more patients, lesstime to have one on one for longer periods of time, and there may be longer time periods between seeing patients. This can lead to safety issues in detecting any complications or arising negative outcomes (Aiken, Clarke, Cheung, Sloane & Silber, 2003). This also puts a greateramount of stress on the nurse as well with not being able to keep up with patient demands

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