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Week 1 – Discussion 3 StudySpace

View the StudySpace author videos in the Instructional Materials and summarize the main points in each. Provide your perspective on which ones you find of most importance.

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From the StudySpace author videos for Chapter 16, Foner points out that the more settlers you have in a country the more conflict will arise. Larger numbers of settlers push out natives of those lands and taking over. If the native population is larger than the settler population then there won’t be much resistance. Focus moved to workers freedoms during the industrialization/ Gilded Age. Economic freedom was now more than just owning land, workers wanted industrial freedom cooperative enterprises, so workers could be both workers and laborers and some fought for workplace rights. Workers looked to government to protect their freedoms and protect their rights through unions. Owners believe governments shouldn’t be involved creating laws in the workplace. Believing that there should be

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