Week 1 discussions criminology

What impact does the changing nature of crime have on criminology? Please be sure to provide at least one real life example to help illustrate/support your comments.

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In order to thoroughly assess and answer this question, it is important to begin with the understanding of what criminology is. Criminology is the “study [of] how, why, when, where,  and under what conditions crime, criminality, and victimization occur” (Barlow, Kauzlarich,2010). Studies focused on the disposition of crime provide data and guidance for the advancement of lawmaking and crime prevention efforts. The earliest efforts known to understand crime and its’ occurrence have advanced criminology to develop numerous theories that embed themselves beyond the criminal justice field and can be found in the psychological, sociological, and economical fields of study. Crime is a constantly changing variable and since the earliest recordings of crime, our response and definitions of it have adapted to align with current social expectations, technologies and threats to social policy. For example, technology has been used as a weapon against people in order for criminals to control the public. The development of software and hacking technologies to enable digital theft more easily has been a rising trend in crime.
“The United States is experiencing a transformation on how criminals are using technology to invent new types of crime, and are creating new methods for committing traditional crimes” (Wexler, 2018).This article discusses the recent rise in “ransomware,” which is an online attack blocking the victims from accessing their personal computers and business information until they surrender to a ransom request. Other concerns are the new ways of managing money that leaves it virtually untraceable with the use of cryptocurrencies. Several researchers have argued that this generation is in the beginning stages of a second technological revolution; these advancements to come will dramatically impact the way crime is defined and how police organization and administration are affected (Chan, 2001; Stroshine, 2005). As crime prevention efforts adapt to the new trends for criminal opportunities, it appears that criminals are also adapting and inventing techniques to

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