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week 1 forum history of intelligence

After reviewing the history of intelligence, what events have had a profound impact on U.S. intelligence today?

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Intelligence as we know it today, has not existed very long comparing to other countries. The intelligence gathering had only become a vital role in the military just prior to the Revolutionary war. According to Logan, the Sons of Liberty began gathering intelligence on the British in 1774 with a group led by Paul Revere called the mechanics (Logan 2010). By 1775, the second continental congress realized the importance of the intelligence gathering and created a special intelligence gathering committee. George Washington further emphasized the importance of intelligence in a letter in which he states that it must be kept as secret as possible. Washington went on to recruit soldiers to conduct this intelligence gathering and swore them to secrecy (Logan 2010). I feel this first implementation of the secrecy necessary for the intelligence community (IC) was the foundation of what we have today in our IC.

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