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Week 2 discussion, 2.1 barriers

Discuss barriers in communication, particularly those that are caused by both the sender and receiver. In addition to your insight into the communication barriers, provide an example of each. Your examples can be professional or personal.

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Barriers in communication are always going to be prevalent and the two types barriers either come from the sender or receiver. When it comes to sender communication barriers, the sender is the one putting out a message to the receiver or receivers. A receiver is someone who is in receive mode and there are also barriers when it comes to receiving information. Senders have to be careful when they begin the process of knowing what they want the receiver to know. I can use a personal example of this as when I am giving an instruction of a certain topic. As being an instructor at the federal law enforcement training center I need to know the block of instruction I am expected to give. If I do not know the information to be taught or I present the information in an inefficient manner then the students will not be able to fully understand the lessons and could ultimately fail.

Another communication barrier that could come into play would be if I were to use a lot of military lingo to those that do not have a military background. Example, when I am teaching a lesson to those that have no military background and I continue to use acronyms that they have no idea the meaning of then they could be lost in translation. This ultimately would make my presentation hard to understand, so knowing my audience will help me prepare for an upcoming lesson. Again, knowing your audience and not using large words could help for a better understanding of the lessons I am teaching. There is a simple message that I try to stick by and it is K.I.S.S., Keep it simple stupid. Not being bias when you are trying to send a message will allow you to be able to deliver a message in away the receiver will be able to comprehend. Example, there is a time and place where you are the subject matter expert and letting your audience know this, I feel is a good thing but you cannot prevent yourself from being open to knew ideas.

If you are not open to new ideas and only see a process one way then you tend to be bias which could lead to misinterpretation or the receiver shutting down. The receiver has barriers that they should overcome as well. One, would be someone that cannot retain information or is preoccupied. There are prevention methods a person could do and one is just by simply taking notes on what the sender is conveying. A receiver must be able to be good at listening as well. Inattentive listening could lead you to being lost in translation. An inattentive listener must be open and clear their minds in order to receive a message correctly. An example of this would be when I am giving feedback to a subordinate. I must ensure they have nothing critical going on in their lives at the time of my feedback. If I ensure this, I know they have a clear mind and are able to receive my message clearly.

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