Week 2, Discussion 2, Health Care

List & describe the three best & the three worst attributes of Health Care Ethics Committees. Do you agree that the expanding use & power of ethics committees helps foster & ensure ethical standards are upheld in the medical profession? Why or why not? Your initial post must be 200-250 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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“Health care ethics committees address legal-ethical issues that arise during the course of a patient’s care & treatment” (Pozgar, G.D & Sntucci, N., 2010).These ethics committees have several great attributes to include: review of patient cases, assisting the patients & their families, & protecting patient’s rights. Patient cases are reviewed to determine there were no ethical or legal violations when providing patient care. These are important as they help to ensure that the patients’ rights were honoured their beliefs were not violated. The ethics committee also assists patients & their families by providing them with information &alternative options available to help determine the best care for the patient. By ensuring the patient & their families are fully educated on al their options; the committee is once again protecting patient rights. As there are positive attributes there are also negative. Three of these negative attributes include: not address in external issues, policy & procedure

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