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WEEK 2 DISCUSSION 3 ethical culture

Does Monsanto maintain an ethical culture that effectively responds to various stakeholders? In responding to this question, identify the different stakeholders to whom Monsanto is responsive to and discuss specifically what Monsanto has done to address stakeholders concerns with its products.

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The original Monsanto company was founded in 1901, developed rapid and successfully through developments with agricultural chemicals, synthetic rubbers, petroleum, fibers and packaging. In 2000, the company went through a merger leaving the name change as Pharmacia Corporation;2 years later a new Monsanto was developed and independently operating only towards the agricultural aspect. As the “new” Monsanto surfaced, information about the former company’s discrepancies accompanied; the company had knowingly dumped toxic waste into a creek in Anniston, Alabama, disposed of polychlorinated biphenyls in an open landfill, the results included deformed fish and elevated PCB levels to an astonishing degree. Currently, Monsanto holds true to an adopted Code of Business Conduct – a pledge- to “provide guidance on the firm’s ethical expectations” (Ferrell 2015). The company has donated millions of dollars towards communities and country’s that require development.

Monsanto has specifically addressed issues with farmers and critics (both stakeholders)by opening its doors to tours to demonstrate to the public the method in which the machinery is used, all the aspects of how the methods are beneficial, and the company has partnered with several organizations to begin development on a seed that is “drought-tolerant” and “virus-resistant” that is intended for African farmers. I believe the old Monsanto had poor ethical values and the only concern was regarding financial gain. However, presently Hugh Grant (CEO) sustains a remarkable ethical culture; Monsanto was ranked 38 out of 100 in the Corporate Responsibility Magazine on the Best Corporate Citizen’s list, adopted an additional Code of Conduct specifically for chief executives and financial officers to ensure fairness in the workplace and the company has developed a three-tier commitment policy in order to sustain the mass growth in population.

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