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Week 2 Discussion 3- Patients culture

After reading chapter 4 in D’Amico & Barbarito (2016) and chapters 14-16 in Roy (2009)how do you think a patient’s culture would impact the self-concept, role function, and interdependence modes? What additional assessment data might you need to collect to determine if the patient is integrated, compensated, or compromised in any of these modes?

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As a nurse, it is important to recognize and contour yourself around a patient when they are healthy or ill and be able to function with knowing and being aware of these three modes. By assessing these roles, you can make a decision and gather more information as to whether the patients adapting or not adapting to these roles; you may also detect the stimulus that is influencing the absence of adaption to these behaviors, to manipulate their environment and promote adaption (D’ Amico & Barbito, 2016). A patient’s culture is greatly impacted by all of these functions and you can gather more information to be able to determine if the patient is

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