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Week 2 Discussions equal market

Choose one of the three clients in Case 4.1, Memo from a Researcher, at the end of Chapter 4of your text. State which type of research design is most appropriate for the client and why. Give a specific example of how you would apply your recommended research design and explain why you chose that example.

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I have decided to discuss Client C, “Client C is in a very competitive category with equal market share of the top three brands. Our client is convinced that they have changed every marketing-mix variable possible except for package design. Since the three competitive brands are typically displayed side-by-side, they want us to determine what factors of package design (i.e., size, shape, color, texture, and so on) cause an increase in awareness, preference for, and intention to buy the brand” (Burns & Bush, 2012).For this particular situation, I would recommend to the client that they need to work on descriptive research, first. The reason being is that the client wants to know what interests their consumers the most and I believe that getting to know their consumers better will aid in that


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