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Week 3 Discussion 1 HRMN 395

Of the perks you learned about in the readings for the week, which two were surprising to you? Select two from the various lists and share how you think offering the perks assist the organization in attracting, retaining and engaging their employees.

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One of the perks that I found to be surprising was the pet-friendly workplace. Many people find that their pets are a part of their family, even their best friends. Companies that allow their employees to bring in their furry friends can increase their happiness at work, lower stress levels and allow them to feel more comfortable (Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work, 2018). Additionally, bringing pets into the workplace can also create more communication and create relationships with coworkers that may not have happened before (Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work, 2018). As a pet owner myself, I have found that they have increased my overall happiness and bring joy to my life. Why not allow employees to ability to have their buddies with them throughout the day?

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