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Week 3 Discussion 2 power and influence

Explain and document the relationship between power and influence. Support your perspective with two resources (in addition to the textbook) and provide an example from your work experience of the power/influence relationship.

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For this discussion we need to understand what power and influence are individually before we can understand how they relate to one another. According to the textbook, “Power is the ability of a person or group to influence or control some aspect of another person or group.1In organizations, it is often associated with control over resources others need, such as money, information, decisions, work assignments, and so on” (Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn, & Osborn, page260, para. 4). Essentially followers will follow a person that is powerful and in turn a powerful person will be a leader; on the other hand, people use power to complete tasks or to decide who they want working for them. It is also important to understand that leaders have and show power

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