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Week 3, discussion 3.1:

Identify a notable person that I believe was a great leader. Describe what traits he possessed that made him a great leader.

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The person from history that I feel was a great leader was Winston Churchill. Churchill was an inspirational individual who was well versed and educated on strategies, had a tremendous passion for what he put his mind to and lastly, he had a remarkable personality. Churchill was an inspiring individual which was mostly seen during WII. Churchill had a mentality to not accept defeat and to not accept terms with Adolf Hitler. Churchill was a well educated individual and served time in numerous campaigns and countries during WWI. He was extremely influential to the British where he encouraged praise to others during hardened times. He had a strategic insight unlike anyone else. His ability to predict and provide insight on strategic engagements was compelling when it came to the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan. Again, when he

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