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Week 3 Discussion B – Post #2

Explain how you, as the manager of a FBO, would effectively utilize the “Three Points of Contact” between FBO personnel and FBO customers to create a positive customer service experience.

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I found an excellent publication about relating the “Three points of contact” to a business. First, let’s review the tree of contact rule; always maintain one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot on something grounded when climbing or descending ladders or heavy equipment. This practice provides maximum support and reduces the likelihood of slipping and falling. The three points of contact method can prevent personal injury, be used in all different situations in everyday lives like getting out of the car, descending or ascending steps, or especially getting out of a slippery tub or pool of water. In business, to prevent brand damage, it is also essential to maintain at least three points of contact on business relationships. At a minimum, stay grounded with two hands and one foot regarding one customer, two journalists, and three safety officials. In our field, we could have

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